Google Analytics
you can set up geotags to your photos via picasa.
use picasa to set up the icon as your photo and set up the reference point.
then paste your picasa link into the description instead for a linked photo.
From 0013
You can do everything within google for setting up your site.
--Set up links via photo to a file attachment stored in your google sites that will open in up in Google Earth, for instance.
--Set up links via photo to a website in a gadget as shown in the sidebar
--Set up link to show a website within yours using i-image?
--redirect your site mappings
--embed photographs from picasa
--embed photographs into Google Earth Descriptions via KML files with external links
--embed photographs into Google Maps via kml.  Link to Google Maps using link button in top right
--Google Earth kml stores image overlays.
--embed comments sheet as shown previously.
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